Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Your Groove On

I know...I know...I'm showing my age!   That's ok...I'm happy to be 53 and a child of the sixties/seventies!  We had a blast back the "olden days"!!!    So why not have a  BLAST NOW TOO!!! 

Well I for one can tell you that I've been too overweight to have a Blast (at least I thought!) and personally I got fed up with myself!  I had become a large bump on a large pickle and only had enough energy to make it to the kitchen and back to my pickle...I mean chair!  There's a saying that says, "Time is the only thing we cannot retrieve....once it's gone it's gone!"  And if we waste any part of it what have we in return?  Nothing but waste... or in my case "waist"!

So here I am, 53 and wasting this most precious gift given to me...Time.  None of us knows the hour or the day in which our time is no more...well, at least I sure don't...so given that bit of knowledge I have come to a place in my life (finally) where I am deciding to Experience Life To It's Fullest....while I can!  BUT...to do those things I long to do I must first not waste a moment more in preparing my Body, Mind and Spirit filling myself with Faith, Hope and Love!  We are a beautiful gift...we must honor that package and it's wrappings!

Just taking the step to publicly announce that I was seriously overweight and that I was changing my eating habits and joining the forces of those who follow the Belly Fat Cure was a HUGE leap off that pickle I was stuck on!  But oh what a great leap that was...and I'm heading in the right direction and loving every minute of this plan.  (It also helps to have such a beautiful support system around me ...like those who may be reading this right now...and my family!)

Now that I'm feeding myself a more balanced diet, I can almost feel my body changing and longing to MOVE.  Have you ever gone to watch a sport or a ballet or even watched people dance on a dance floor and you feel something stirring inside you...wanting and longing to go do something active or join in the dance?  Well I live in a very active city...joggers, bikers, walkers, golfers, swimmers, dancers...and the list goes on.  They are everywhere you look in Austin!  We are a very health conscience city.  And when I look around I "long" to be doing what they are doing!  So what has been keeping me from doing so?  Well I could give you a list a mile long and it would all be so justifiable to me...but the truth is... I am the only thing that has been standing in MY way!  Yep..."I" ! ! !

But you may say to yourself..."Yeah, but I'm too fat for a bathing suit."  or "Well, as soon as I lose some of this gut I'll start taking the dogs for a walk."  or how about this one... "I would only make it a half a block in this heat!"  HA HAHA HA!!!  I've said ALL these things!  Who said it????   "I"  did!
All perfectly justifiable to our minds and we believe ourselves when we tell ourselves these...lies!  YEP... LIES!  ALL LIES!!!  Ooops did I lose anybody here?  Hope not!

You see...The "I" in all of us can be very convincing...if we let it!

I said this in one of my earlier posts:

So with that said... SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE AND MOVE!!!  Do Something...Anything...Just MOVE!  I know it's hard to get started...it was hard for me this morning when the alarm went off at 6 so I could make it to my 8 o'clock NIA exercise class!  And even though I enjoyed the heck out of it... when the clock goes off again on Thursday... I bet my bottom dollar I'm going to have a very similar conversation with "I" which goes much like this, "You never get enough sleep...why don't you just shut the alarm off and roll on over."  or  "You've already exercised once this week...you're new at this...give yourself a well deserved break."  or "I think I don't feel so good today....yeah that's the ticket... I don't feeeeeeeeeel good!"  I must give "I" some credit for at least being persistent and Full Of Intention... just the WRONG intention!

When we find ourselves in this precarious argument...Please...For The Sake Of Your Life...argue back!!!   Throw those covers off.  Don't hi-jack yourself into believing the lies...because they are convenient, believable or justifiable!  You will love yourself more for going against the grain and Just Do It...MOVE!!!  Go Have a BLAST!!!

Today, after winning the argument, I attended a NIA exercise class.  Amazing!  Incredible!  Doable! Fun! Outrageous! and did I mention FUN!!! I HAD A BLAST!!! Yes...still overweight and had a BLAST moving!!!
If you need to find a reason to Move... look up a class in your area.
Here is the link to watch NIA in Action. 

If you listened to the song... he says, "It's takes a Word to make an Action."
May you find the "Word" that will brings your Life into Action for YOU...cause...YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Since I'm learning to love myself...my word is:


  1. Thanks again for all your great post of inspiration. You always seem to hit the nail on the head for me. And remember all we need is LOVE!

  2. You keep it up girl. You are doing great. :-)

  3. Hey Spicy, thanks for sharing your great energy! Congrats on your weight loss and keep on groovin!

  4. I've never heard of that type of dancing before. It looks like you would get a good workout from it.

    Your words are very encouraging and it's great to see you pushing yourself past your comfort zone. Good for you!

  5. I also have never heard of this type of dancing, wow, what a great way to exercise. Thanks for the information, i'm going to find a class asap! Your words of encouragement are really inspiring! Keep up the great work. We not only need body exercise, but spiritual exercise, is what we all need!! (o:

  6. I love it Ginger...SPICEY!!! lol Truly, ya'll should try NIA! I hate sweating..but when it's because you're having Fun...thats a different story! Thank you All for you sweet comments!