The Snacks!

One of the most asked questions I have seen about the Belly Fat Cure plan is...
"What can I have for SNACK?"

Being that we are a SNACK based society now, we are ALL accustomed to having them, as we should!  However, the habit to break is not having a snack but choosing the BEST SNACK for your body and of course your weight goals!  Below I will begin my Never-Ending Snack List as I believe there are countless numbers of ideas and choices for us...all it takes is a little creativity, knowledge...and yes..sometimes a few minutes to throw it together!

By no means is this list complete, nor am I some health guru, and you better double check my addition, 'cause I sure ain't no wiz kid!  But I AM someone who enjoys variety therefore I try to have as many choices before me as possible to make it that much more enjoyable!

Bon Appetit'!

You are daily allowed 15 Sugar Points / 6 Carb Points
 1 BFC Sugar Point = 1 actual Sugar (listed on label)
1 BFC Carb Point = 5-20 actual Carbs (listed on label)
If you combine foods add all the actual sugars together and all the 
actual carbs together to find your BFC Sugar/Carb Points count.
(any questions please refer to the Belly Fat Cure Book or email me at

1 oz of Cheese  =  the size of 4 dice
  • 1oz Cheddar Cheese = 0 Sugar / 0 Carb =  BFC 0/0
  • 1oz  Swiss Cheese = 0 Sugar / 2 Carb =  BFC 0/0
  • 1oz Colby Cheese = 0 Sugar / 1 Carb =  BFC 0/0
  • 1oz Mozzarella String Cheese = 0 Sugar / 1 Carb = BFC 0/0
Now does this mean you can have unlimited amounts of cheese rated at 0/0?   
Always eat in moderation...even if it has a 0/0 point still has calories!  BFC does not stress counting calories...however it does stress to eat in anything and everything in moderation!

If you add crackers to your cheese then you need to add the actual sugar/carb count of the cheese with the actual sugar/carb count of the crackers to get your actual BFC count.   I have added some specialty cheeses/spreads below and added them with crackers or other items.  I have taken the actual carbs of each item and added them together to come up with the BFC total counts.  Always read your labels and do your math!  That's what we all went to school for isn't it?  Now we actually get to use what we (should have) learned!

  • The Laughing Cow - Cheese Wedges
    • 3/4 oz wedge = 1 Sugar and 1 Carb = BFC  1/0
 These Cheese Wedges are individually wrapped making it convenient to carry to work for a midday snack.
 They come in a variety of flavors too!
  Add a wedge of cheese to one 5" long celery stick and you have a sumptuous mouthful of crunchy bliss without adding any additional sugars or carbs!  BFC 1/0
  • KRAFT Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    • 2 Tbl = 2 Sugar and 1 Carb = BFC  2/0
This brand also has several flavors of cream cheese and most have the same count as regular.  HOWEVER,
unless you have them to "spend"....stay away from the Honey Nut and Strawberry and any other fruit blends as they will have a higher count in sugars.  Also the Philadelphia Light has 2 Sugars!

You can spread cream cheese on tons of stuff!

  • 2 Tbl of cream cheese (2/0) on 5 Nabisco Ritz Roasted Veg Crackers (1/1) = BFC  3/1
  • 1 Tbl of cream cheese (1/0) on 1 slice of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread (4/1) = BFC  5/1
  • 2 Tbl of cream cheese (2/0) on 1 8" long celery stick (1/0) = BFC  3/0
  • 2 Tbl of cream cheese (2/0) Mixed with your fav dried spice blend  + Pork Skins (no limit) (0/0) =       BFC 2/0
    • Trust me on this...truly it is delish!
  • 2 Tbl of cream cheese (2/0) Topped with 1 Tbl of Natures Hollow Sugar Free Jam (0/1) on 5 Nabisco Triscuits (0/1) =  BFC (2/2)

  • Dripless Popsicles

    • 1 package  plain Knox Gelatin
    • 1 package kool-aid any flavor
    • 2/3 cup hot water 
    • 2 cups cold water  
    • 1/3cup + 1 Tbs or 24 packets of Truvia

    In a large bowl or pitcher mix together: Gelatin, Kool-Aid, Truvia and Hot Water stir until dissolved.  Then add Cold Water.  Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze.  
    Makes approx eight  2.5 oz pops!
    Clemmy's Ice Cream:  Chocolate, Chocolate Mint Swirl, Coffee, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean
    • 1/2 cup   =   BFC  0/1
      BAG-N-GO Nibbles:
      • 1/4 cup Roasted Almonds (20-25 med size)  BFC 2/1
      • 1/4 cup Roasted Sunflowers Seeds   BFC 0/0
      • 1/4 cup Roasted Pumpkin Seeds  BFC 0/0
      • 14 Mission Tortilla Chips/Stone Ground  BFC 0/1
      • 55 Pepperidge Farm Original or Cheddar or Whole Grain Goldfish  BFC 0/1
      • 29 Nabisco Cheddar Cheese Nips  BFC  0/1
      •  12 Ritz Bits Peanut Butter  BFC 3/1
      •  Any Amount Pork Skins  BFC 0/0
      • 1/4 cup Planters Trail Mix Spicy Nuts and Cajun Sticks  BFC 1/1 

      Just listing some of the easier grab-n-go fruits with low BFC counts.  All fruits are available to eat...just watch the portion size and BFC count!  Try halving a piece of fruit instead of eating the whole piece....perfect way to share the love!
      • 1/4 cup Raspberries  BFC 1/0
      • 6 small (1" dia) Strawberries BFC 2/0
      •  1 avg sized Plum  BFC 7/1
      • 10 Red or Green European Grapes  BFC 8/1
      • 1/4 cup Blueberries  BFC 4/1 
      • 1/4 cup Blackberries BFC 2/1

 I'll be adding more SNACKS each day so be sure to check back!
If you would like to add to my list...
Please email me at: