Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laugh It Off!!!

I watched the cutest little video clip last night that made me laugh and laugh!  After it was all over I felt great and sort of euphoric! So I had a little fleeting thought... "I wonder if I had burned any calories laughing?"  Silly thought...I thought...until I Googled it!  (seriously this dictionary needs to recognize the word Google and it's counterparts!)  Anyway, sure enough, you can use an average of 1.3 calories per minute laughing!  Let's see... that would mean you would need to laugh approximately 76.92307 minutes in order to burn off that 100 calorie snack you just ate!  BUT WAIT!!!

Before you go all postal on me and put away your giggle need to know that Laughter truly is the Best Medicine!  Look at all these amazing benefits to having a little chortle every now and then!

Laughter first and foremost helps to relieve emotional stress!  And who doesn't need a little of THAT removed from their everyday lives?  It does so by helping to reduce the level of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, and growth hormones.  It's also responsible for helping to release the health enhancing hormones such as endorphins and neurotransmitters...causing you to feel happier and healthier!
Wow!  Little did I know what all is going on when I laugh!  

In fact, I think we should all test this out right now and watch this little video...all the while using up a few calories and releasing some goodness into our bodies!  I promise you wont regret it!

(disclaimer: No animals have been hurt while filming this video...but my dogs did get a little excited when they heard me laughing out loud while watching it in the middle of the night!)

Great!  How's everyone feeling? Hopefully a bit more cheerful!!! I just loved watching this little cutie trying to get around in those booties and funnel hood!  We just went through having our puppies neutered and watching them having to maneuver with those hoods on was just too much...they didn't stay on for long!  But I digress...

No only does laughing do all kinds of magic with our hormonal system but also to our internal organs!  Yes, it's true!  It helps work out our diaphragm, our abs and even our shoulders if it's a good hearty laugh...leaving all these muscles less tense after a great workout!  

So tell a few jokes with friends and laugh at yourself!  Or rent the funniest movie you've ever seen! (would love to know what that is for you!)  Read the comic strip!  (remember those?)  Go to YouTube and spend some time watching home vids! can just Craft Yourself into Laughter like these ladies did!

So Whatever makes you Laugh... 

Do It...Watch It...See It...Feel It!!!

Go Ahead Do Your Body Good........

Have a Good LAUGH!!!


I love this dog too!  Thanks for reminding me MFE!  Best part is it's in a convenience store parking lot! It so inspires me that I need to be much more spontaneous with my dancing!  LOL


  1. I love the laughing babies video! That was great.

  2. Oh, yeah, cute new avatar picture.

  3. Made me laugh, thanks Spicey!! My all time funniest movie is Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy!! If you haven't seen it, you will laugh!!

  4. Cute videos and its always great to laugh!! Laughter truly is the best medicine. Here is a video a friend shared with me on facebook to add to anyone's laughter for today hehe!!!

    Dog dancing Meringue!! (it won't let me post html in the comment section)

  5. Glad ya'll LAUGHED!!! I added a few more today, including the Dog Dancing the Meringue...Thanks MFE!!! Enjoy Your Day and Don't Forget to Laugh It Off!

  6. Thanks for the great laughs that has made my day.

  7. Thats true ti does take more muscles to frown than to smile. Have a great day! :-)