Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

Did anyone see Jorge Cruise's post today on his FB page?  He stirred a hornets nest up... Here's what he said: 
"Here's my newest column in FIRST magazine! Learn which Chipotle meal is the worst at 15 grams of sugar and how Taco Bell will save the day at only 4 grams of sugar!! Yummy Mexican food.
Do you love Mexican food? Taco Bell?"
Seems like a pretty harmless statement.... right?  Well here's just some of the responses he got pertaining to his "harmless statement".   It seems he stepped on a lot of toes here... I brought this up here...because I am interested in knowing what YOU think.  Please leave your comments and opinions on this subject at the bottom of the page.  
I rarely eat out any longer but feel that sometimes there is not an option and that if you need to re-energize and Taco Bell is near ...even if there are other choices ...but you want Taco Bell...then Go For ItMy response is in red below.

  •  I always liked Taco Bell, but was afraid of it.
  • I had fresh packed Sardines in Chipotle.....0 sugar, 0 carbs..delish!
  • I love that you can have tacos on this diet! It is a life saver when you are out and about and have no real choice except fast food! Thanks Jorge
  • I can't think of a single reason that anybody should be recommending Taco Bell
  • dahhhh!!!!, tacos are low in sugar and carbs!!!!My husband loves Taco Bell! Going to pick up the magazine!
  • But Taco Bell is full of processed foods - Chipotle has fresher foods, plus natural meats. Here is a calculator that can help you avoid extra sugar at Chipotle: 
  • Cool..thanks for sharing Suzanne! Anytime we go out to eat, we check out the menu online to figure out what we can eat.
  • ♥ taco bell!!
  • Too bad Taco Bell is crap food!! We should be equally concerned with the nutritional value of what we eat as well as the sugar content. I'm a huge follower of yours, Jorge, and truly believe in your message of cutting out sugar for better health but am sometimes disappointed by foods you recommend due to their poor quality such as anything from Taco Bell.
  • Jorge thank you we love taco bell....He is throwing that out there so those of us who like fast food will have different things to pick from.So those taco bell lovers will know what the better choice is not the BEST choice of food :~)
  • Jorge speaks to a large audience...any change in the right direction...such as lowering your sugar a good one...then as you begin to feel the benefits of lower can begin to make the other changes to eat more healthy vitamin rich foods... Baby Steps can be the most important ones for a lifestyle of walking upright!
  • Sure but as an above poster commented, he should be pushing the freshness and better quality food of Chipotle instead. In an earlier post some months back he was bragging on Chipotle's steak bowl. If you need to eat out as we do sometimes the lesser of the evils is best such as places that serve fresh foods and natural meats.
  • Knowing all our options really helps us make better choices. I'm not a Taco Bell fan, but if I'm stuck, you've given me a good option. Thanks
  • I don't have a Chipotle here in my area so if I need something quick and on the go..Taco Bell is my only choice. So those who are getting on to Jorge for suggestion this, what do you suggest to someone who doesn't have Chipotles or Taco Bell but has to eat something on the road?
  • Taco Bell Uhhh. I have got to get the magazine because I love Chipotle
  • Taco Bell is out. Some of the worst food I have ever eaten.
  • Chipolte - yumm!!
  • Taco Bell can be a good choice if you stay within the program. It has saved me when other choices available were not good ones.
  • When I know I have to eat on the road and am not going to have any good choices, I pack a quick sandwich and cheese stick to eat in the car. Much more better for my body and putting junk in it.
  • Thanks for the info. I think any 'eating plan' should be able to accomodate healthy and fast food. Not everyone who wants to lose weight is into the healthy stuff, but just reducing your weight can be healthy enough for some.
  • Taco Bell is pretty good - can get filled up on less with veggies too! The Bell by my house just revamped their whole store and it looks very classy now. I also like Qdoba - lots of fresh veggies, yummy guacamole, your choice of beans, meats and cheeses. You call it all out as they make your order - and you can get it without the tortilla or shell if you wish.
  • Taco Bell has a new market taco that tastes good and meets the BFC standards. Inexpensive as well for when you are in a pinch!
  • Besides, Chipotle is terribly overpriced for the menu it offers! The costs reflect the overhead, not the quality of the food itself.
  • I love Chipotle and it doesn't raise my glucose number. It's a great place to eat out and you can tell them "easy on the rice" or " no rice"
  • Yes, but not fake mexican food like chipoodle or taco bell. I like the hole in the wall taco joints here in LA.
  • I used to LOVE Taco Bell until I found out that they mix sand into their ground beef. Seriously. They do it to prevent mold and mildew so the meat is "fresh" longer. So for me, Taco Bell is never an option!
Please let me know what you think I find this "argument" very interesting.

I promised another here goes:

We took the Fantastic Fried Steak recipe on page 225 of The Belly Fat Cure book and tweaked it a little to create.... Chicken Fried Chicken 

Chicken Fried Chicken
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1/4 cup Almond Meal/Flour
  • 1/2 cup Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
  • 1/4 Tsp Lawry's Seasoned Salt
  • 4 large Chicken Breasts cut down to 3 strips each
  • 2 Tbsp EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Place the almond meal on small plate. Place the eggs in small dish and beat.  Place the panko on another small plate.  Stir the Lawry's seasoned salt into the almond meal.  Dredge each piece of chicken in the almond meal; dip into the beaten eggs and dredge in the panko. Heat the evoo in a skillet over medium-high heat.  Fry the chicken pieces for 5 minutes each side...or until juices no longer run pink and there is no pink inside.  The outside should be golden brown.  Feel free to add more evoo as needed.  Serves 4-6 persons (depending on size of chicken breasts)   [I could only eat 2 of the strips]

We served ours with a side salad and used 1 Tbl of ranch dressing for the dressing and 1 Tbl for dipping our chicken strips in.  Delish!  The almond meal made this recipe divine!  YUM!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Week!  It's HUMP we goin' for the slllllliiiide to the weekend!

OH...almost forgot...Yesterday's Mexican Chicken was AMAZING!!!! It was like a very thick Tortilla Soup (without the cilantro) You Gotta Try It!  Here's my pic from today's lunch leftovers!  Forgot to add the avocado on top...but it was still good...probably even better than last night!

Love You All!  
Be sure to visit all my friends blogs too!  
We are all gonna WIN this battle of the bulge!

Don't forget to leave your comments about Jorge's statement above!


  1. Wow Robin!! I did not read that today. I don't think Jorge is in it anymore to help people. I think he's all about the money now. Just my opinion. Taco Bell used to be my favorite junk food. And that's what it is JUNK FOOD! I love it! But like you, I don't eat out that often any more. It's healthier to eat at home. But when I do eat out, I always check to see what is the best BFC food to eat. I have found that you can eat just about anywhere and find something Belly Good to eat! Love you!

  2. Oh my gosh girl you are making me hungry. I think you are going to win my title of Iron Chef. About the post on Jorge FB page. I know people have the freedom of speak but dont you think some people just go over board. I dont think that Jorge promotes junk food. I think he just suggest ideas for us when we are on the go. I stop by taco bell every once in awhile when I know I am not going to be home to cook something HEALTHY...I think we have more to worry about then taco bell. lol

  3. I agree with you Diana. He is just suggesting. People are always asking him what they can eat out.

  4. Spicey, thanks so much for sharing these mouthwatering recipes! Watch out Diana, Spicey is giving you a run for the money on your Iron Chef title! LOL I agree that Jorge is trying to provide people with ideas of fast food that they can eat that is not AS unhealthy as other fast food choices. Speaking of healthy food made at home, I just simmered some boneless pork chops in tomatillo sauce for about 2 hours, then ate the tender, falling apart meat and sauce with a warm smart and delicious tortilla...yum-my!

  5. I cant stand the smell of that taco meat. When the kids want to stop there I just about gag while i am driving. To each his own. But I think is trying to let people know there is a choice where you are. Did his new fast track book come out yet?

  6. Hi Sandy... Not yet. But Amber did a pre-trial of it with a group of people...she gave her opinion of it on her blog "Me & Jorge" --->click on her blog under FAV Blogs off to the right.

    Hi other BFCer's Sorry I haven't posted more this week... have been so busy with painting and stuff...just have time enuff to check emails and facebook...So Sorry!!! As I get closer to my show in Nov. hours of painting will be crazy. So May have to start a once a week post for a bit. I'm edging on the 200 mark...trying my best to stand lightly on the scale to get it lower than 200 this week! Will def let you know! Love you ALL!!! ~v*

  7. I love it when people get crazy on Facebook! ;-) He was just giving an option, but sometimes I dont get why he doesnt give options from the same restaurant as the bad stuff. He does it in the book too. Tacos are one of our favorite BFC meals and the whole family can have them!

  8. Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a facebooker, so i thought i'd tell you here.............

  9. Spicey, I really miss you and hope you are doing well and having a fantastic time creating your beautiful art! I went to Artisan Arts and was delighted to see your fun and colorful creations! Just wanted you to know the world is more fun, more spicey, with you! Love ya!