Friday, August 20, 2010

I Like My...

Wow! I LOVE THAT KID! What a cutie! But apart from that... what a lesson we ALL need to learn!  How many of us can say that when we stand in front of a mirror we actually say Affirmations!  I'm sure there are some who do, but I imagine that the majority of us actually say Accusations instead!
Those of us who have reason to speak an accusation or two should take some time to find something... ANYTHING... to Like.  Then Speak....No...SHOUT it out!!!  Even if it's only 1 thing... start there!  Scare the cat and tell him you LIKE him!  This little one didn't seem one bit ashamed to speak about those things she LIKED...Including Herself!  Anybody can pick things apart and find things we Dislike!  That's the easy part!  But to discover and claim those things that you LIKE...publically or otherwise is a whole different ball of wax!  Start small and end...BIG!!!  (sorta opposite of the weight loss journey!)  Come on people LIKE yourself!

Earlier today I was once again reading through Amber's posts on her blog Me and Jorge.  Specifically it was her week 4 weigh in and she was so excited that she had lost another 3.5lbs for a total of 14lbs so far.  She writes about taking back control of her body...the one she knew was inside...even before she had lost the weight she was needing to lose.  Reminds me of a verse in the Bible, "...calling things that be not as though they were." Rom 4:17

Here's what Amber says:

"I know there will be weeks when I lose less, or nothing, or even experience  a slight gain. 
I will not let these set backs stand in my way! In fact, I honestly believe I have actually already lost these 40lbs and just need to go through the process for my body to realize it. I am no longer that person who eats obsessive-compulsively.

My new mantra is:
This extra weight no longer belongs to ME, I have released it. It just will take some time to shed it from my physical body!"

WoW!  Those are some powerful words and they pierced right through me today!  I am choosing to do the same and release "possession" of this weight... 
the weight NO LONGER belongs to me!
And guess what...not only has she surpassed her original weight goal of 40lbs by 10lbs, but just today her success story was published in Woman's World magazine...less than a year since she started The Belly Fat Cure program!  Wow!  Way to go Amber!  I for one am so proud of YOU!  And you should be too!

I know I've included a lot about another person's success here today... but it is people like Amber and lil' Jessica and their determination to NOT QUIT, that inspires me to refrain from my own temptations...and doubts...and fears... and speaking those dislikes over myself so that I too can be successful!  

Hope you are too!

Here is  THE REST OF THE STORY of lil' Jessica...just too cute not to include it!


  1. Love that. I needed that encouragement today because I'm in the middle of week 2 and have not lost anything new since last week. I actually put ON a half of a pound! I needed this reminder today!

  2. Me too Jaimie! I just watched it again! May have to stick it off on the sidebar as a constant reminder!!! If you ever need to just talk... email me! I love new friends, especially ones that are on the same path as I am! =D Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Jaimie! I remember the exact moment and feeling I had when I wrote that, and to now see it come true... I am amazed! So glad to see your success on this plan too!