Thursday, August 19, 2010

KFC and I Didn't FAIL!

WHAT???  KFC? and I DIDN'T FAIL???  Well not exactly!  Hubby and I were out tonight and chose to stop off at KFC for dinner....after's in the book!  I was pretty excited to see that not only was the grilled chicken 0/0 points on The Belly Fat Cure plan but FRIED was only 0/1 !!!  Well of course I had to get FRIED!!!  Now don't go gettin' your tail feathers all ruffled at me or get too excited about this amazing BFC factoid!

It's true...I did choose the fried over the grilled...but just this once!  Because my son reminded me as I'm chowing down on this amazing "Cure" for belly fat that it was bumping 1400gms of Sodium!  YIKES!  And I won't mention the calorie count as we are not supposed to be worried about that on BFC.  HOWEVER, I will say that luckily I had a very low calorie day so I didn't go over the calorie count for the day that I have in my head.  Even so... the Sodium is NOT SO GOOD... especially for those of us who retain water and/or have heart related issues or have them in the family!  So needless to say... I had a valuable and hopefully not too costly "learning experience" tonight! 

Well I told you yesterday that I was going to have the BUG JUICE today... but truthfully I just ran out of time and now I'm too full of said KFC!!!  So I promise I will try it tomorrow and will report in for those who have not included this "magic potion" in their lives yet.  In the meantime I did do a mini report on Chia Seeds on the The Reviews!  page I started today.  I will be posting products as I try them along my be sure to check out that page from time to time.

One product I have been chasing all around town to find is Jay Robb's Whey Protein in Chocolate or Vanilla!  Everywhere I went were empty shelves where once these cans stood!  I tried a packet of the Chocolate flavor today and it is delicious so no wonder they can't keep the stuff in stock!  I'm determined to find this hidden treasure...I know somebody has to have some here in Austin!  Until then I may just order it from's the link so you can also!


  1. I get the double grilled stack chicken at KFC and it is awesome, in between the two chicken breasts is cheese and bacon! Oh, now I'm craving it!!

  2. Yep! That's the one! The Double Down. I actually chose the fried one =[ but the grilled one has even more sodium... bumping 1800grms =O

    FYI: 2 sugars/4 total carbs = BFC 2/0
    480 cal if you're keeping up with those

    If you can take the sodium...GO FOR IT!!! They are Yummy!

  3. Thanks for the info, i really never thought we could have that one, great, that sounds way better anyway!!