Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Feelin' A Little Tipsy

Who's in the mood for a Mojito!!! 
Well I know I am...always!!!  I love the minty zing of a freshly made mojito!  Before BFC I tried all the pre-made mixes and none are as good as the real thing! Besides they are chock full of sugar...take this for example: Bartles & James Mojito  BFC 42/3 !!!  Wow!  That much sugar would put me need for the alcohol! 
The weekend before starting BFC I went to a party at a mexican food restaurant and even sang a song I made up about mojito's all the way there!  I was planning on having my last hoorah, thinking I was going to have to give up my favorite drink!  We get to the restaurant and right off the bat I order up my first mojito!  "Sorry maam but we don't have any mint."  WHAT???  It's a Saturday night in Austin,'re a bar...and you Don't have any MINT??? C'mon people!  (that's the rant that went off in my head...thank goodness it didn't slip out my mouth!)  I was ready to go to the local grocery and buy my own stinkin' mint so I could have my last planned!  But I didn't and so my hoorah turned into several other assorted drinks...but none could meet up to my pre-conceived expectations of a Fresh Minty Mojito...  

BUT... I have good news!!!  I have found a recipe that fills the bill AND it's Sugar Free! 
Hope you enjoy!  Ole'!

Minty Mojito a la Sugar-Free

Now, before we get into the recipe part I need to tell you a little about how a mojito is made.  Normally, you start with a tall glass 3/4 full of ice, mint leaves, lime juice and sugar and you take a muddling tool (usually a wooden pestle) and start crushing the mint and sugar together on the ice.  The ice helps break down the leaves and the sugar helps release the flavors within the mint much like sugar on strawberries makes a syrup.  BUT, instead you will be using either 1 Tbl erythritol or 2 packets of Truvia instead of sugar.  So you need to work it just a little bit longer than usual to make sure the flavors all get released and mixed well.  

Once you have completed this step you will continue on adding the Rum and the Club Soda to the muddled mint and ice mixture.  Stir and enjoy!  Some like to place all the ingredients in a shaker and shake before's entirely up to you!   Don't be afraid to ingest the's healthy and keeps your breath fresh longer too!  (you may want to check your teeth from time to time! lol )
  •  lime wedges from about a third of a lime squeezed to make about 2 Tbl of juice  BFC 0/0
  • 8 mint leaves  BFC 0/0
  • 1 heaping Tbl erythritol or 2 packets of Truvia  BFC 0/0
  • 1 1/2 oz. white rum  BFC 0/0
  • Club soda to fill  BFC 0/0
  1. Fill tall glass 3/4 full of crushed ice, mint, lime wedges and Sugar Substitute
  2. Muddle with muddling tool till mint and sugar substitute is fully mixed and mint is broken down
  3. Add rum and club soda 
  4. Stir or place in shaker and shake and pour in tall glass
  5. ENJOY!
Please note:  You can easily leave out the Rum for a tasty Non-Alcoholic Sugar-Free Mojito!
    Total BFC value 0/0                  
    (the only thing that had measurable carbs was the lime and it was 1/1 for a whole lime; 
    so if you have more than one drink, be sure to count these points)

     Remember to drink responsibly 


    1. Thanks for this, I LOVE Mojitos and the simple syrup needed to make it always stumps me up. Cocktail ideas for low sugar diets that dont rely on artificial sweeteners are SO rare, so this is great!

    2. Thanks! what a great idea for a drink on the BFC. I hope you have a great weekend!! :-)

    3. Spicy, thanks for this minterrific drink recipe! Mmmmm...I'm already feeling cooler just thinking about it! Keep it chillin girl!

    4. You know, I've never had a Mojito before. I like lime and mint, so I would imagine that I would like this drink. I don't have a muddling tool though. I'm trying to think of something else I could use instead but my mind us drawing a blank. Is there something else you can think of that I could use, or would it be best if I just went out and bought myself a muddling tool?

    5. Glad ya'll liked the recipe! Minichick: You can use the end of a wooden kitchen tool like a spatula if you have one...actually really doesnt have to be wood but that's what is usually suggested. Hope ya'll try it and enjoy! Have a great weekend!

    6. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I am enjoying your blog! Well done and keep it up - you're doing a great job.
      It has inspired me to re-visit a blog that I started more than a year ago ... :-)
      I've linked you to my Blogspot - hope you don't mind.

    7. Hey Salome! So glad you joined in on the fun! lol I am loving blogging about my "adventures"! Had to take a few days off...but I'll be back tomorrow!