Monday, August 30, 2010

In The Out....House!

Wow what a week!  Seems like it zipped right past and past me up!  I was thinking...."Wait! It can't be time for my weigh-in yet, I haven't had my (insert bodily function that gets rid of waste here) yet!  Yep, it was true, I didn't want to step on those scales because I knew what they would show...or rather...Not Show!  I knew that they would show the proof of my "excess baggage" that I hadn't been able to get rid of for days!  Yes, DAYS!

In a matter of 7 days I was only "normal" 3x's as of this morning.  Now, all those people who have said, "She's just full of $#!+!" are RIGHT!  I have been miserable, but faithfully sticking to the BFC plan!  Soooo, I made a little shout out to several of the BFC regulars for some help!  I'll share some of their remedies in a second...

First I must answer this question that others may have about the BFC plan.  "Why are people reporting that they get so constipated  (eek I said it!) on this plan?"  The BFC plan encourages you to eat a nice high protein diet which can cause a bit of constipation.  However it also encourages you to up your fiber via your carb swaps...thus the 6 Servings of Carbs that are recommended daily...which should amount to 25 - 30 grams of fiber total for the day.  (I believe I'm guilty for not getting ALL my good high fiber carbs in this past week!)

 To quote Jorge Cruise in his book The Belly Fat Cure:  Part of the problem with belly fat is "not eating enough of the right kinds of carbohydrates, which are a key source of fiber that moves out the hardened waste matter."  "The right kind of carbs can eliminate any "false belly fat" that may come from built-up waste in your intestines and colon." 

It was obvious then that even though I was sticking to the BFC staying under the 6 servings of carbohydrates rule... I was actually doing myself a disservice by not eating enough fiber I was needing for the day...thus resulting in a backup in the out flow dept.!   LESSON LEARNED!

Here are a few of the suggestions that were either shared with me today, listed in the BFC book or appear on other's blogs.  Hope this helps if anyone else finds them in a similar predicament!

First: Eat 6 Servings of Good High Fiber Carbs a Day!  DO NOT SKIP THIS!  

Second: Make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER!  8 cups of 8oz is all it takes to keep the fiber you are consuming moving in the right direction!    If you have a tough time getting water down... check out my post about WATER - Your Body's BFF

 If you still need a little help getting things in balance you may want to try adding ONE of these remedies:

Belly Fat Cure Drink:  Page 101 in BFC book   BFC  0/2
  • 1 (20oz bottle) of Sobe Lifewater 0   (any PureVia-sweetened flavor)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp. Psyllium husks
  • 3 probiotic capsules 
  1. Mix the psyllium husks with Sobe Lifewater
  2. Take the probiotics with the shake and drink remainder immediately.
Daily Routine:     Shared by: Rosalie at ...Healthy Me! Doing the Belly Fat Cure... 
                              Rosalie has lost almost 60lbs as of this posting and is a great inspiration and help to me!
Take 2 Probiotics capsules
Add 1 tsp of Metamucil Clear Sugar Free Powdered Fiber to your coffee or hot tea or other drink.

Mix 1 scoop of SUPER SEED in water (or other sugar free drink like Sobe) and drink.
(This stuff tastes GREAT but does have a thick texture!)


BUG JUICE:  As Amber shares in her captivating and informative article "Don't Mind Me I'm Just Feeding My Bugs" on her blog Me and Jorge.
It's a MUST READ and a MUST TRY RECIPE!!!  (actually her whole blog is AMAZING!)


GO TO WALMART!!!  Ha! I'm dead serious... I won't reveal who suggested this but I have to say...there are times when this (for whatever reason!) WORKS!    The only thing I can figure is this:  You are out doing something different...perhaps even shopping for a new outfit or craft stuff or building supplies and WHAM! the urge hits you and you have to find the restroom fast!  My theory is that we are 1. Getting some exercise. 2. Relaxing.  YEP!  I think it's the combo of those two factoids that cause your body to say...HEY!  Pay Attention... I want to get rid of some of that baggage you're carrying around! It's worth a try!
( WALMART Here I Come!!!)  =D

I'm sure there are many other safe and healthy remedies out there.... So if you would like to share your ideas in the comments... I'm sure they will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

and that includes successful dieters too!!!
Thanks Rosalie and Amber!!!

An Outhouse I Could Get Used To!


  1. I am finding that when I eat high fat foods, I am more "regular" but in a bad way. Case in point: my afternoon "snack" today was 2 pieces of bacon and string cheese. I was thinking "Protein!" I went to Costco, and after about 30 minutes had to RUN from the back of the store to the front of the store, WITH my 5 year old son in tow, to make it to the bathroom. I was sick. Too much fat. Sorry for TMI there, but i guess we're all learning as we go, right?! :) Thanks for the remedies; I will be sure to try one when I get backed up ;)

  2. Oh Jaimie! Hey! Maybe I should add that to the "remedy" list! lol

    Running is a good thing, right? lol Haven't had that happen...yet! Will make a mental note though! eeek ...well maybe not! =D
    Hope you're feeling better now! ~v*

  3. These all sound like good remedies but the Psyllium husks I heard were awful thick going down and the warnings scare me. Something about if you don't drink enough water it could swell in your throat (eek!!) Has anyone tried these? I notice also in my readings when one person goes from hardly any fiber to all a sudden 25-30 grams per day this causes constipation. I read that its better to gradually increase our fiber intake over a period of time instead of just an immediate change. I don't know if this is true or not. But I know when I eat the bad fats, I have not problem and when I eat like 30 grams of fiber, I have some issues. (TMI) But maybe its the trick of the full 8 glasses of water in combo with the 30 grams of fiber.

    But good advices. Thank you! :)

  4. Yes, MFE I have heard the same about the Psyllium I feel sure you can substitute the Super Seed for the Psyllium. JUST MY OPINION!!! Some people who are taking the Psyllium and not having problems...others can't stand truly it is a matter of your own personal preference. I have a son who is very affected by texture of he adds the more texture sensitive things to blender shakes(ie: Jay Robb Wheat Protein Shake) and doesn't seem to be bothered. You are so right... WATER WATER WATER is a MUST!!!! I talk about that in an earlier post.
    Thanks for your input!!!

  5. I take Benefiber everyday. It's recommended to take 2 tsp. 3 times daily. This dissolves completely in any beverage or soft food. It's grit-free, taste-free, non-thickening and sugar-free. The supplement facts are: Total Carbs/4g - Dietary Fiber/3g - Soluable Fiber/3g - Sugars/0g. So this would make it a 0/0. I just put it in my water, it works for me, maybe it won't for you but IMO it's so much easier than all those other concoctions. I've seen the generic brands at Target and Walmart. Just make sure it says sugar-free because some of the other Benefiber products do have sugar.

  6. Thanks Lisa! I am taking Benefiber in the a.m now and the Super Seed in the afternoon! Body just now catching up to the rhythm! Actually I probably should just go sit by the sea for a week...that should do it! yeahhhh!