Thursday, September 23, 2010

River's Edge Dining...

Hey ya'll!!! 
Went to dinner with Sis...
Down by the River! 

Their Blog

Went to dinner with my sis and my son tonight at Ski Shores Cafe...but I guess you already guessed that! lol
I love this place.  We found it a few weeks ago when I was needing a boost in my 'I Gotta Have Some Water Views' arm.  I just happened to find them on and discovered they are only 15 minutes from my home!  Can We Hear A Hallelujah!!!

Their blog has tons of pics for you to enjoy and the story of how they revamped this lil place into quite an enjoyable eatery and right smack dab on the Colorado River that flows right through Austin!  
We literally sat inches away from the edge of the deck that sticks out over the water.  Boaters, skiers, waterskiers and the likes entertained us while we sat on this glorious deck awaiting our food.  They have a small stage area where local artists come to serenade you while you eat and drink.  They are preparing to have a Movie Night where you can bring the family, eat pizza, and enjoy a movie by the river!  Truly an outstanding establishment and SO CLOSE TOO!!!  

My sis and I split a bacon cheese burger with guacamole!  AND instead of fries we opted for an order of fried okra.  I know...fried okra may not be the healthiest....but I only ate a small portion before I was full as a tick (as they say here in Texas!)  I also had a Miller Lite which is 0/0 in the BFC counter book! YaY!!!  Only thing I regret was forgetting to get a pic of our burger!  It was large and yummy!  So my meal was a total of 5 sugar/3 carb points (due to the half of large hamburger bun and okra)  Wish you ALL lived here so we could meet up ...down by the river!  (always think of Chris Farley pullin up his britches when I type that! )

But I digress....

Earlier today I enjoyed a quesadilla that I made with a La Tortilla Factory Tomato and Basil Wrap.  I just put the tortilla in a hot skillet sprinkled cheese on top....added a few no salt spices...folded it over onto itself once the cheese started melting and Viola!  An Italian Quesadilla!  Delish!  0/1 BFC points!

Breakfast was a Jay Rob Chocolate Whey Protein Shake w/ Super Seed!  YUM!
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... don't tell anyone...but i think i'm down another pound!  wooo hooo's are in order!   

Thank you to all who commented on last nights post.  It was a bit of self talk...and it worked!  Had a Marvy Day today.  I'm so proud of all of you....even in the most difficult times...we can say... WE DID IT!!!  I love your hearts...we are one you when you hurt...we all hurt....when you rejoice...We ALL Rejoice!  

Be blessed and then GIVE IT AWAY!!!    


  1. You are quirky and I love it. Hope you had a good time with Sis down by the river!

  2. Thanks for sharing another great post and for making me And congrats on another pound loss. I had better get me some of that super seed to put in my protein smoothie. I have been using salba seeds. I dont know if that is similar or not but it does seem to get the bowels moving a little. Take care my dear friend.

  3. Hi Robin, Wow that place sounds so great! I wish I lived near by cause I would go with you for sure. I am so glad that the weight is starting to come off for you!! Woo Hoo!!
    We are all a team. and you are not alone. :-)

  4. WOOOO HOOOO!!! I'm glad you had a great time with your sister and son. That sounds like a wonderful place to eat and visit. I love places like that. I think the pizza and movie night is a great idea.

  5. I've been in Des Moines visiting my daughter, with no computer, so this is the first thing i did this am. I look forward to your blogs everyday! I've never had okra, what kind of a taste does it have? Sounds like a great place! Isn't it great to lose weight and enjoy wonderful food like that!!!!!!