Friday, September 10, 2010

ICBIF and Then Some!

I Can't Believe It's Friday!

What a wild week we've had here in Central Texas!  Some crazy storms coming from tropical storm Hermene dropped nearly 11.5" of water on top of the parched land of Austin... Although we desperately needed some rain...this amount in less than 24 hrs causes all kinds of havoc in our area!  The creeks, rivers, and lakes all overflowed...the water was rushing down all the hills like waterslides...and nobody here knows how to drive in rain, sleet or the roadways were a mess of mushed up metal!  Crazy! top it all off during the fury of the first deluge we were helping my 83 yr old mom move into her new apartment!  Thank the heavens above for my sister and Blue Whale Movers here in Austin, as they did all they could to keep her furniture dry!  So its been an exciting week for sure!

Haven't posted due to sheer exhaustion! But kept up with the diet through it all!

I made pizza on Naan bread (Sprouts Grocery) for hubby and I today.  If you haven't tried it on really are in for a treat!  The bread is only 1 carb point!  YUMMY!!!  This one is covered in chopped veggies and cheese but you can do all sorts of fun things with these pizzas!  Be creative and I promise you will not be disappointed!

How I make my Naan Bread Pizza:
Take one piece of Naan Bread and spread a tablespoon of low sugar pizza sauce on it.  I also add pesto on top of the bread.  Then top it with chopped veggies and meats of your choice (even pepperoni or bacon!) finishing it off with a little drizzle of olive oil, Italian seasoning, a little salt and a handful of grated cheese of your choice ...I used mozzarella. Put in preheated oven at 425degrees for 8-10 minutes and VIOLA'!!!!  Some of the best pizza you'll ever stick in your mouth!   Enjoy!
., while at Sprouts, I picked up a new tea.  It is called: GUAYAKI Yerba Mate "Mate Chocolatte".
After having my first cup tonight my conclusion is that it tastes just like Chi Tea!  I personally cannot detect the flavor of Chocolate in it, but I still like it very much!  It is a blend of Yerba Mate, Cocoa, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Stevia, and Clove.  It states that it helps to stimulate focus and clarity (which I need all I can get!), boosts your physical energy, aids in elimination!!!!!!!!(and we all know who needs THAT!), contains antioxidants and "traditionally used to support weight loss programs".  Truly a delicious tea that will delight your senses as well as your intestinal tract!  =D

I am hoping to have a productive day painting tomorrow...soon I'll post some pics for you all to judge...I mean see! 

Love you all! Bon Appetite and Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. The pizza looks so good. I was wondering if you I was thinking about trying some chocolate tea as well and if it can help with elimination then I am IN!

  2. Hey Girl, I hope all is well with the rain and stuff. You know I love pizza and that one looks good. Have a great day! :-)

  3. So far the tea has made me ...uh...balloon-like! BUT...that only means that I may be full of hot air...but I'm also full of High Hopes! LOL I Love my BFC Friends!

  4. Spicey, your pizza looks so yummy I can practically taste it! While shopping today I found Italian Herb Flatout flatbreads (0/1), and I'm going to make up some spicy pizza's with them tommorrow. Mmmm,can't wait! Look forward to seeing your art! Stay dry!

  5. Hi Ginger! I saw those Italian Herb Flatbreads also... but when I saw the Naan bread and saw how large they were and how low the count was 0/1 I opted for the Naan instead. Let us know how they taste! I'm sure they will be delish!

  6. Mmmmm the pizza looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing the ideas, I need to find some of that Naan bread, I wonder if Whole Foods would have it.