Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Do Solemly Swear...

Ok...some of you may have read my rant on Rosalie's blog...but in case you didn't here is the jist of it:
"Good Morning Rosalie!!! Dang did it again..encouraged me to stick to it one more day! Ok, Ok... I'm going to stick with this thing...I can doooo it! But I've been stuck at the same weight now for 3 weeks! I'm so frustrated right now I could bust! (or is it burst?) I'm not cheating, I'm eating right...but still dealing with the "ISSUE" and all I can think of is I'm just full of S***! I keep telling hubby...if I ever get this part "normal" I'll drop 10 lbs instantly! Ok..thanks for the opp to spew my frustrations! Today on my blog I'm gonna make a commitment to myself and to ya'll...and face some skeletons I have still hanging in my closet! =O Love ya girl!"

So here goes my commitment to myself and BFC friends!

I do solemnly swear that I will make sure I keep my frig stocked with healthy on the go, easy to grab, food and snacks so I won't go without or grab something that isn't on the BFC plan!
               Part of my problem I believe has been not eating all of my 6 servings of Healthy Carbs!  So I will make an extra effort to keep up with this in the future.

I do solemnly swear that I will STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTA!
         Eeek! This one's a tough one!  It's so easy to get lost following the infamous Rabbit Trails you are bombarded with each time you check your email, Facebook, your Blog List, and Forums!  I will even determine a time at which I will shut it down and find that I've gone over that by an hour or two!  Insane!
Some may wonder what this has to do with my BFC plan.... well my BUTT is spreading from here to there just for sitting hours at a time at this machine!  So I am making a plan to only check my email, FB, Blogs and Forums first thing in the morning and limit my time to 1 hour period!  Email one more time in the evening when I write my BFC post for the day.  The rest of the time will be spent doing creative and active things!

I do solemnly swear that I will kick the monkey off my bike and use it myself TWICE everyday!
          A friend of ours gave us the coolest exercise bike that sits not even 5 feet away from me in my art studio!  It even has one of those great cushy seats and computerized riding plans giving you a choice of challenges and resistance!  It even tells you how many miles you've gone,  how long you've ridden, and how many calories you burned!  So what is it that keeps me off of that wonderful riding machine...besides the monkey!'s one of my skeletons I referred to earlier... It's called SWEAT!  I hate sweating!
It makes me feel so yucky and sticky and more yucky and sticky!  I truly HATE it!  But I'm just going to have to face that sweaty skeleton and move past him...he's merely a fog and one that can be showered away! So I am committing today to ride twice a day and post my results so you and I will see that I'm doing what I promised. (Hubby reads the there's my accountability!)

I do solemnly swear that I will attend my NIA classes at least TWICE a week!
          Last week I was supposed to start my regular schedule of NIA classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Well, it never happened... First we had a monsoon rain on Tuesday and I also went to help my mom move to her new Ok... I had a fairly good excuse... but Thursday rolled around and I just flat out chose NOT to go.  Why?  Remember Skeleton number 1 above?  Yep...SWEAT!  I didn't want to go out and sweat!  So I didn't!  Even though I LOVE the NIA classes and have a blast while dancing my heart out of my chest...I just wouldn't make myself DO IT!  So, I am confessing and committing all at once here... This week I'm gonna kick some skeletal A$$ and GO to my NIA classes!

Lastly... I do solemnly swear I will NOT use Ready Whip as an millinery adornment anymore and only use Ready Whip for occasional Sweet Splurges!
          Do I really need to explain my reasonings here?  Seems it's pretty obvious!  =D

I feel my lack of movement is causing my system backup as I mentioned in an earlier post and on Rosalie's blog today.  Even though I'm eating healthily, using the recommended methods for easier elimination, etc... I have had a serious problem and I feel that the only thing I haven't been doing to help things along is MOVEMENT! I truly believe it's a simple as that!  So now that my Sweat Skeleton has been exposed, hopefully I will be able to move on...get it over with... and shower it off!  I know I'll be better for the end!   


  1. HI Robin,
    I love all the cute pics you always put up. I hope the #2 problem gets resolved soon. If you don't go once a day, That is probably why the no weight loss. and instead of twice a day - just start off at once a day on the bike. Or go walking. I love that every day. Tomorrow is my weigh in day, and I'm hoping that I will be down at least 1 lb. We Can Do This! :-)

  2. Robin,
    I have been in the same weight loss boat as you. So that is why this week I went back on his menu for women over 40. I needed another jump start and I hope I see that tomorrow. I also have problems with the #2 department and dont go every day, but maybe a few times a week. I have been that way my whole life and been to doctors for it but they dont seem to be to worried about it. But I am sure it could be holding on to some extra weight. I also believe that we do need to do some kind of exercise on this plan even though his book does not promote to much of it. Not only is it good for us it can help move the scale. We can all do this together. It may take some time but we need to realize that we are doing this for our health and we do feel better eating this way. sorry for rambling on but I know how you are feeling.

  3. Great blog! You can do this !! WE all can. Don't ever let a few set backs keep you from your goal. Exercise does help me be more regular like a walk after dinner helps with digestion. But I do know we need to make sure our carbs are good complex carbs. I know this has been on of my biggest problems. I don't know what is a complex and simple carb. I just eat carbs within the allowed amount. SO that is one of my new goals to.

  4. Of all things i would'nt set a goal of riding your bike twice a day, that's just way too much pressure. Have you really looked at what you're eating. There is sooo much hidden sugar with some names that are suspicious. I don't look at the nutritional label at all, i look in the ingredients and if something looks fishy, i look it up or have asked Amber at meandjorge. In July i wasn't going anywhere either so i checked what i was eating and the tortillas i was eating at the time had sucrlose, hello, sugar!! I went back to eating my usual LaTortilla Factory tortillas and got back on track. Really the only fiber carbs i get are from these, i mostly eat protein, high fiber vegies and fat. Just don't give up, think of how great you feel. Also, when i was doing Suzanne Somers somerizing plan, it was a lot like this, she'd say to give your body time to adjust and you will have "the melt". She said it could take 2 months. I've only lost 37lbs. since February so this is a slow process. I'll be cheering you on!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Ya'll! Thanks for your comments. As far as the bike riding goes...It's inside where there's air front of a TV where I can watch HGTV for 15-30 min twice a day! So this really isn't any skin off my teeth... I need and should do it. As far as walking is concerned... I will start that up soon...the weather is finally changing and the mornings aren't quite so muggy anymore. Puppies will be happy for the opportunity also!

  6. Lack of movement can definitely cause problems. I guess I didn't realize that you weren't moving enough. I definitely think the half hour, twice a day, bike ride would be great for you. Let us know if this seems to be helping things move better. Like you, I need to be distracted by tv, or something, to help me make it through my workouts. I'm trying to find a rowing machine that I can ride while watching Dr. Oz. I love watching his show every day, and I may as well be rowing while watching instead of sitting on the couch. Maybe if you would like, similar to Rosalie, you could have an exercise check in on your blog for those who would want to join you in supporting that endeavor. I know I would join you...just a thought?