Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2 of Prep - Grocery Shopping

Food Label Reading
OH MY!  Dan and I just returned from our first, of many, grocery shopping trips!  Yes, of course we've been shopping before...but not with the knowledge we have now!  It was empowering and yet a bit over whelming as well!

In doing so we've discovered first hand a few Do's and Dont's...since the Dont's seem so negative, I'll just share with you the Do's!

Firstly:    DO go grocery shopping on any other day of the week besides Saturday!  Especially if it's your first "informed" shopping trip!  Most of our time was spent reading labels and searching for just the right products.  So if you were there...we apologize we were the one's blocking aisle 7...and 10!  Oh...and 14!

Secondly: DO eat before you go grocery shopping!  Today we remembered to do this!  But there have been many many many times before today that we would find ourselves slipping on our own drool as we walk the aisles filling our basket with all the comforts foods we could fit in it, only to find when we got home we forgot to buy meat!  We came home with most everything on our list and only a few extras that we looked up in our sugar/carb counter book.  Which leads me to item 3.

Thirdly:  DO stick to your list!  Be sure to make a list of what you NEED and keep focused!  Use blinders if needed!  Too many times we buy items that just sit in our cabinets or frig and expire because they really didn't fit into any real plan.  Therefore take time to make a general plan of your meals ahead of time.  This will not only help keep you on track but will help your *bottom line as well. 
*bottom can be alternately used for several meanings!!!

I believe it important when starting anything new in your life, you should take the time to prepare...not only in educating yourself, but also mentally and spiritually and physically if apropos.  This weekend is my Prep weekend for my journey which begins Monday.  So far I feel I am about half way there and will be fully ready by Monday to start living my Life To Its Fullest and leaving sugar where it the dust of my past!


  1. Awesome!! You are one step closer!! It is so great to have someone beside you to support you too. Glad to hear you are moving forward and getting ready!

  2. Hi Jamie! You are so right! It IS Great!!!

  3. you will learn that the outside aisles of the grocery store are your friend! Fresh, fresh, fresh - not the pre-packaged you find down every inside aisle....