Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heaven... I'm in Heaven!!!

(to cop a line from Momma Belle, my grandmother)

Never in my life did I think I could eat my favorite foods and lose weight!  NEVER!  Well maybe there was that one time when I went on that ice cream and watermelon diet...but I digress!

Today's lunch convinced me I can eat and lose!  How fun it was to prepare these mini pizza's for my family and myself!  So easy and cheesy!!!  My fav pizza right now is the Margherita Pizza and when I saw the recipe for it on page 113 in The Belly Fat Cure book I just had to try it! 

Perfecto!  Eccellente!  Divino!

Margherita Pizza 
w/  Pesto instead of Pizza Sauce
Along with a green salad w/ Low Sugar dressing this meal was Fabuloso! 

I will be soon replacing the Low Sugar dressing for a No Sugar dressing as an even better choice...
But as Bob says...Baby Steps...taking Baby Steps!

Yesterday and today have been great starter days for me on my new way of eating!  I have not felt deprived and yet I know I'm eating balanced and healthy meals.  
My next focus will be on supplementing my diet with higher fiber foods and/or supplements.  AND after reading on Amber's blog,  Me and Jorge, about Bug Juice...I've GOT to try that next! 

Sending out a TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU to ALL my friends and family who have written me, called me and even joined me in this new phase of my life!  God bless you ALL!!!


  1. Yay for you! I had the Greek pizza for dinner last night from the BFC book and it was YUMMY. Having pesto on the pizza instead of sauce sound delicious.

    I'm waiting for my chia seeds to get here so that I can try the bug juice also.

  2. Don't you feel guilty with all you can eat!! I did and still do sometimes. I'll be cheering you on, the food possibilities are endless. Happy Eating :o)

  3. You're doing great! I have never tried the pesto on the pita. I will now it sounds good! Keep on BFC ' n :-)

  4. @ minichick - I couldnt believe it but I found chia seeds at my local grocery H.E.B. Looking forward to trying Bug Juice tomorrow!
    @ Lisa - Guilty? Nah! Privileged? YEAH BABY!!!
    @ Rosalie - Pesto is my best friend! My stomach doesn't do well with the tomato-y sauces right now, so pesto makes a nice substitute!
    Thanks for the encouragement girls!!!